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You can send gifts for me to enjoy & use in content. (wishlists are below). Unless requested, you may not receive content in return. If you would like to send gifts & receive pics or vids you can contact me to set something up. You can send gifts to the address listed here


You can go to my ManyVids page to purchase my pre-made content. 


If you are contributing rather than purchasing Content please know that this does not entitle you to receive photos or videos. By contributing you are donating, not purchasing photos or videos.

Accepted Payment Methods

If you just want to contribute and not gift or buy content, this is where to find out how. Below I have the links for where to go to send money, the method you use is up to you

Email for payments is


Click here to send via Square Cash

Click here to send via GiftRocket

Click here to send via Google Wallet (you must enter my email)

Click here to send via Amazon eGiftcard (you must enter my email)

Circle Pay (you must enter my email)

If you are on Mygirlfund you can click >here< to go to my profile to contribute.

If you are on ManyVids you can click >here< to go to my profile to "make it rain".


Giftcards are great too, if you want I can give you a list of places to pick from if you dont know which place to pick from. 


You can send contributions via Mail (address here) AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is not illegal to send money through the mail. It's just very risky for many reasons. Like getting lost in the mail or stolen. So if you take this route do it carefully. It's better to use a money order. You don't have to fill out the payee's name (still kinda risky) unless if you want to ensure only that person can cash it but considering you don't know my real name you don't have to fill the payee's name in, just make sure you send it to the correct address. 


I am working on accepting other methods. I absolutely will NOT use Venmo, feel free to make suggestions.  

One way is to surprise me with gifts. These gifts can also help with making more content. You can send gifts via mail (Click Here) or you can use my wishlists to see more of the things I like, need, and/or want. 

Other ways to show support is to share my links, tell others about this site or my other sites, send in suggestions on content I should make (not customs because its not 100% chance I will use your suggestions), Retweet my twitter posts about my content or links, etc. Just bringing more traffic to my shop helps me out a lot since I can only do so much alone.

Since you have made it this far you deserve a reward. Get 50% off any of my ManyVids videos with this code: Mis2319

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