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Welcome to Miss Kitty Moon's Very Own My Kitty Fund!

I am Kitty Moon. You can call me Kitty. I am a nerdy fetish kitten.


I've been on 18+ sites like MyGirlFund and Many Vids. Now I've decided to create my own website.

If you don't know me then you have come to the right place. I am a unique individual and you will love my photos. If you have not seen them yet you should check out my gallery.

I am a young woman with a chronic illeness just trying to make my way through life. I love doing things with my hands. I am passionate about photography, animals, and cars. I love the outdoors, the beach even more. I enjoy talking to new people and making new friends. I am a good listener and a hard worker. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wasn't blessed with the best of health. I do what I do. I am just me. I do many things from automotive work to crafting. I am hoping to save up for college then eventually make my way to Japan. I love to write and read. I have way to many goals I want to achieve. There is just so much I would love to do, but really, life is short. One of my goals was to have my own website, I think I achieved that one. And I hope you enjoy my achievement with me. 

I do enjoy sites like MGF and MV but it can be slow, less personal, strict on stupid stuff, and they can just be flat out a pain in the bum. Here, with my very own website I hope to make connections with the people who love my work and new fans. I won't always be on all the other sites but I will be here always. This will be my permanent home now. Once I am able to sort this new site out to have my content for sell on here it will be wonderful. When that happens all the other sites will just be places for me to visit. One thing is for sure. I like being able to write blogs without being forced into censoring them all the time.

This website is still in construction. I am very new to this and I am trying my hardest to figure this all out on my own. Please, have hope and patience , it will only get better from here. 
Soon I will have many, many, many wonderful things for you to enjoy. Until then, please be patient, because good things are coming and they are worth it. Just keep checking back. I will be updating this site often. Probably daily if I want to. It's coming along, just wait. 


Be patient with this site too I dont know what the fuck Im doing haha.

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